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CiTOGuard LS-30

CiTOGuard LS-30

The Perfect Combination of Wireless Security, IP Technology and Home Automation

The CiTOGuard LS-30 is designed to protect your home and business with the most advanced security features. The all-in-one security system provides 24/7 protection against burglary, panic, fire, medical emergency and environmental monitoring like temperature and humidity.

As a modern wireless security system, CiTOGuard LS-30 supports up to 288 wireless sensors with complex RF coding, jamming detection and signal strength indication.

The LS-30 is not only a security system, but also a home automation controller that allows you to set up to 16 programmable X-10 switches to execute daily commands throughout a whole week.

Through the easy-to-use software with graphics user interface (GUI), all operations can be remotely executed through the Internet all over the world.


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