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Headquartered in Taiwan, CiTO is a leading designer and developer of IT, Industrial, and ecological engineering solutions. CITO has been working on integrating leading technologies to create products and value added solutions for over a decade. Now a day, the environmental concern is prevailing all over the world. As a leading technology integrator and developer, CITO believes that technologies need to contribute to the better future of human being. Our mission is to be a leading carrier and developer of clean technology. In past years, CiTO invested not only in IT integrating leading technologies, energy saving solution and environment engineering technology, but also in the gobal engineering consulting/resource service and Bio-technology ( Prism Engineerin & Consulting ). The CITO group business scope range from the R&D, manufacturing, branding , soluiton integration to the consulting serivces. Our core competencies include in-depth technical knowledge, customization service, and the adaptation of leading technology for comprehensive solutions. In addition to the technology driven, CITO worked closely with our global partners to develop unique product and solutions that truly add value to end customers efficiently and cost effectively. 

Our promise to our global customers is that they will receive value added service and integrated solutions from latest technology. Our benchmark is whether the customers have maximized the return on their investment. 

CiTO has built up a network of alliances and partnerships to help our business partners to deploy CiTO solutions for their customers. Leading clean technology with local touch is the way we work.

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