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With CiTO Power, CiTO offers the most reliable, cost- efficient power protection, power supply and connectivity solutions available. With a variety of products to choose from, CiTO has the ideal solution for every application. CiTO's innovative product line, outstanding quality and unmatched customer support have built a trusted reputation for reliability worldwide.
 Home & Office
The Best Value Battery Backup & Protection Systems makes it affordable for SOHO to have surge suppression and backup power to protect PCs, peripherals, fax machines, and telephone equipment.
 Small Offices
High Performance Battery Backup & Protection Systems offers excellent backup power protection and power quality management for small business PCs, workstations, and sensitive electronic devices.
 Server / Rackmount Systems
Mission Critical Battery Backup & Protection Systems delivering superior power quality and backup power management, provide essential power protection for network server farms, enterprise telecommunications systems, clustered PCs, LAN gateways, bridges, routers and other mission-critical UPS applications.
 Power Inverters
Converting DC power into modified sine wave AC power. Ideal for office desktop computers or home appliances.

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