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CiTO Introduces CiTOGuard LS30, the IP-based Home Security System


Taipei, Dec. 1st 2005. CiTO Corporation, the leading designer and developer of IT, Industrial, and Communication solutions, today introduces CiTOGuard LS30, the new generation of Home Security and Automation System.

The CiTOGuard LS30 is an IP-based Wireless Home Security & Control System. By adopting modern microprocessor control and communication technologies, the LS30 is designed to provide all the most advanced features that are needed to protect your home and business.

By using the proprietary GUI, the user can operate and read the system status through the Internet all over the world.

The CiTOGuard can support up to 288 sensors or zones for door open/close detection, glass break, panic alarm, smoke, motion detection…etc. With optional temperature, humidity and other sensors, the LS30 also operates as an environmental monitoring center to report and prevent floods, gas leaks and other hazards.

The LS30 is not only a security system, but also a home automation controller that allows set as many as 16 programmable X10 switches to execute daily commands.

Main Features
 > Security and home automation
 > Computer and Internet interface
 > Interactive programming with 16 x 2 LCD display
 > Detailed 512 events log with time tag
 > 288 sensors/ zones can be accommodated
 > 16 programmable X-10 switches
 > Receiving RF signal strength indication and jamming detection
 > Multi-million RF coding and special transmission timing design avoiding interferences
 > Responds to panic, burglary, fire, medical alarm and environmental hazards
 > Burglar zones with supervised sensors
 > Door and window open/ close detection
 > Selects partial arming when at home
 > Temperature, humidity and other sensors for environment monitoring
 > Built-in voice dialer stores up to 10 phone numbers
 > 1 pager and 2 CMS data links
 > Hands-free speaker-phone, two-way voice communication
 > Dial-in control of listen-in, arm, disarm, event report and switch control
 > Latchkey function to inform parents when kids leave or return home
 > Optional GSM communication module
 > Optional Ethernet Adapter

About CiTO
Headquartered in Taiwan, CITO is a leading designer and developer of IT, Industrial, and Communication solutions. CITO focuses on providing cost-effective quality IP and network concentric enhancement solutions and value-added products for the modern enterprise. CiTO’s mission is to create solutions that use power, storage, voice, security, data and wireless technologies to fit the needs of the most demanding customers.



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