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CiTO announces CiTOStation CS200, the next-generation networking terminal


Taipei, Sept. 15th, 2005. CiTO Corporation, the leading designer and developer of IT, Industrial, and Communication solutions, today announces CiTOStation, the new generation of the network computing terminal.

Based on the new UTMA (Ultra Thin Multi Access) technology, and by utilizing Windows XP/2000's multi-user feature, CiTOStation does not require a CPU, HDD or CD-ROM and yet performs as if it's an ordinary Windows PC.

As a cost-effective network solution, up to 10 CiTOStations can be connected to one host PC at fraction of the cost versus deployment of traditional PCs.

CiTOStation runs any standard Windows applications*: office suites, internet browsing, 2D games, instant messenger, e-mail, etc. at high performance. Multimedia features are also supported with graphics resolution up to 1280 x 1024 and 16-bit stereo sound.

Encryption and password protection ensure complete security. With no FDD/CD Drive port, administrator can control its data-out.

CiTOStation is suitable for field applications like office, training center, call center, factory, school, Internet cafe or government field.

About CiTO
Headquartered in Taiwan, CITO is a leading designer and developer of IT, Industrial, and Communication solutions. CITO focuses on providing cost-effective quality IP and network concentric enhancement solutions and value-added products for the modern enterprise. CiTO’s mission is to create solutions that use power, storage, voice, security, data and wireless technologies to fit the needs of the most demanding customers.



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